Det är faktiskt mer ditt fel än mitt för att du är en sån underbar person
Jag vill kommunicera ihjäl dig.

Det där med att attraheras av någons hjärna istället för utseende.


What was the most beautiful thing Morrissey ever said to you? His songs that he sang whilst I was on the other side of the glass. Those moments were transcending in the true sense of the word. When you have such an intense relationship and you are impressed with each other and reliant on each other and when it’s set to music and poetic, it’s like a deluxe version of a conversation. All those amazing songs he sang for the first time facing me. That’s an incredible memory for me.
What was the most hurtful thing Morrissey ever said to you?"I really don’t like those shoes." Obviously, he was wrong.

A path of blossoms, by Lindeberg Feller